"IMPORTANT: Aecon uses ISNetworld as our primary system for managing subcontractor health & safety/insurance prequalification requirements. If your company is already an active subscriber to ISN, please be advised you will no longer be required to maintain a prequalification account via this portal. For further details about ISNetworld, please contact the ISN Customer Service Team at (800) 976-1303 or visit their website at www.isn.com. For questions regarding the subcontractor prequalification process, please contact subconprequal@aecon.com"


About Aecon

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Canadian Model for Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace

Change my password

On the Account Home Page, click on the tile 'Change Password'.

Enter the current and new passwords and click on 'Change Password'

How long does the prequalification process take?

After you submit your prequalification application, Aecon’s EHS Department will review the survey and documents you submitted. The time frame depends on the completeness of the survey and documents provided, and whether you meet Aecon's Safety requirements.

I have created a new profile. Now what?

You will be required to complete the prequalification questionnaire and submit it for review.

I have to update a document, but my profile is in the (Submitted) state

You can update a document, if required when your profile is submitted.

Follow the steps below:
1. Simply click on the (Submitted) Profile,
2. Click on Documents.
3. The document that needs an update will be visible. Click on "Update" and upload the new document.

I would like to review the answers to my survey before I submit it to Aecon

The last section of the survey will allow you to review, edit your answers if required and submit the completed survey to Aecon.

Introduction Video to Aecon Subcontractor Prequalification Portal

Click on the link below to view the video

Logging into my account

Enter your Username (Email Address) and Password on Aecon's Subcontractor Health & Safety Prequalification landing page.

My company has more than one type of contractor

Each profile within your account allows you to distinguish contractor types.

Aecon’s Subcontractor Prequalification portal allows you to add as many profiles as you would like to qualify for.

When you click on 'Create a New Profile', the system will ask you to name that profile (ideally a name that will help you and Aecon easily identify the profile), select the type of subcontractor, and complete the survey questions based on that type of subcontractor.

My organization, presently does business with Aecon; but I am looking for additional opportunities.

We have opportunities for 7 different types of contractors:

1. Construction Contractor: Your company performs construction activities

2. USA Contractor: Both, your company and employees are located in the USA

3. Heavy Equipment / Haul Truck Operator: You, as an operator, own and will operate equipment or haul trucks directly for Aecon. You have no other employees

4. Service Provider: Your company performs non-construction activities such as janitorial, landscaping, snow removal, training etc.

5. Small Employer: Your company has less than 5 employees

6. Supplier: Your company will only provide material or supplies to Aecon, and will not perform any work activities

7. Heavy Equipment Rental/Supplier: Your company will rent or supply heavy equipment to Aecon

Simply click on the tile “Create a new profile” and select one of the options above.

It is mandatory that your organization has a single account with Aecon Group. This account may hold multiple profiles that provide us with different types of services.

My service is not listed

Enter the service you or your company provides in the “Other Services” section in Section 1.

Occupational Health and Safety

More information can be obtained below

Print my survey

Click on the tile 'Print Survey'

Reset my password

• Click on the “Reset Password” button
• Enter the email address used to sign up for the account and click on “Reset Password”
• Check your inbox or spam folder for an email from Aecon
• Click on the link to reset your password
• Type in your new password and confirm new password
• Click on “Change Password”

Share my profile with another user

This feature allows you to share any profile you have access to.


1. Ensure the individual(s) with whom you are sharing the profile has an account in Aecon’s Subcontractor Prequalification System. If they do not have an account, please ask them to create one before you share the profile.

2. Enter the same email address that the individual used to create the account.

3. Click on ‘Share’.

4. When the user(s) logs into Aecon’s Subcontractor Prequalification System, they will be able to access and edit the shared profile.

Note: Profiles can be shared with a single email address at a time.

Status of my application

You can contact Aecon’s EHS Department to follow up on the status of your application. The Contact link is located at the bottom right of this screen.

Unable to submit my profile for prequalification

Ensure all sections of your survey are complete. Any sections that are incomplete or empty need to be completed before you can submit your profile.

Hint: Look for
1. Yellow Exclamation Marks
2. Boxes with White Numbers

What are the minimum browser requirements?

Latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari

Which Contractor Type am I?

While creating a new profile, if you need assistance determining your Contractor Type, click on the link 'Help me! I don't know which one to choose'; the wizard will ask you a series of questions to help you determine your category, or will redirect you to Aecon’s EHS Department for assistance.

Which profile am I working on / editing?

Profile Information is displayed at the top right of the page.

It provides you with the Profile Name and the Contractor Type.

Who do I contact to present the capabilities of my organization?

You can contact Aecon’s EHS Department. The Contact link is located at the bottom right of this screen

Who has access to my profile?

Click on the tile 'People who can access this profile'

This section provides you with information about the users that have access to this profile. The name of the profile is displayed on the top right of the page.

Request to remove from profile: This feature informs Aecon’s EHS Department that you would like to remove the selected user’s access to the profile. Post removal, the profile will not be visible in the selected user’s account.

Request to deactivate user: This feature informs Aecon’s EHS Department that you would like to deactivate the selected user’s account. Post deactivation, the user will not have access to Aecon’s Subcontractor Prequalification System.
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